Jan 27, 2018

Tantalizing Tasties

Product shoot & 1 minute web commercial
Photographer ᛫ Cinematographer
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Tantalizing Tasties is an adult toy company, they wanted to unveil their new product in a 1-minute commercial along with photos that show off their new star item. I had worked with them before for their first 30 second tv spot along with an ad campaign involving some models. This time it was just the toy. Tanya the CEO, gave some direction but also wanted to see some of my ideas. Since we have worked before she fully trusted me to come up with something they would like. I filmed and photographed the product and worked on post the next day, once the video and photos were done, they were sent to Tantalizing Tasties where it’s now up on their site as well as Amazon and getting rave reviews.

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